i have several questions about cricket wireless

  • 13 September 2022
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first question does cricket charge tax and fees on monthly charge ( such as $40 a month ) ? 

second question i like the low end (as they call them ) andriods i am looking for one similar to axia ( vision cricket )  or zte maven 3 ?

third on byod does any phone from at&t work ? and last question is cricket owned by at&t ?


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Hi @lordie , thanks for posting. I’ll be happy to answer these questions. 🙂


  1. All rate plans include taxes and fees, so if you get the $55 /mo. plan, then you would pay exactly $55 when amount is due. Please know that reactivation fees apply if payment is not paid by due date. More information on fees are available in link provided: Charges & Fees
  2. I would advise to compare reviews and features in our website for any device that you are interested in, as device preference can vary by your own personal needs.
  3. AT&T devices that are HD Voice / VoLTE compatible should work on our network. You can confirm if device is eligible by inputting the IMEI of device in the link provided: BYOD
  4. Yep! Cricket Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T.
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thank you , sadly my old zte maven first gen phone wont work but my maven 3 will  and i would love an opinion i saw two phones i like the vision and the debut  was wondering if you can reccomend one similar to those ,thanks . what phone do you reccomend  samsung gives me a headache  and i am tired of sales associates at other phone stores push samsung on me  ,cricket let me choose  . does cricket charge a fee if i call them if my phone doesnt work  say the data goes or i cannot recieve calls