In a crisis

  • 23 March 2020
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I'm just wondering how you can shut my phone off when my entire state is on lockdown and we can't work for weeks . My kids are home the internet is the only way to access their homework. It is irresponsible to treat your customers this way. Loyal customers for years and this is what we get from you. The electric companys the gas companys and property Management and other cell phone companies are delaying payment for at least 60days to help ppl in this crisis . I hope customers remember how we are being treated buy these companies that don't care about their customers and only care about their money in this time thx for nothing

2 replies

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Check the blog featured on the site. Cricket's response to the coronavirus is in line with the responses of other pre-paid phone companies. 

There is a lady that was starting a lawsuit on your please find me this company is ridiculous no customer service and then you get to the customer service they want to charge you they overdraft your account with you automatic take the shit out of your account payment would you don't even know they're going to do it supposed to be for a food stamp phone why would anybody don't have no damn money have some together account now that bounce my damn account and I can talk to customer service get out of work at 10:09 on Sunday there's no 24 hour customer service what company that has a customer service open 24 hours that crap is that ridiculous to charge you $5 to talk to somebody and ask them to refund that ridiculous company I was waiting on here I'm desperately searching for the lady starting a lawsuit email reply Kimberly at