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  • 11 January 2022
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  • The beginning of November 2021 I went into pay my bill for the month of November for my iPhone 11. I had previously owned a galaxy note with galaxy live buds and I saw the significance and the ease that life became once I used those two items together obviously one was built to complement the other. Since I’m a new customer to Apple I wanted that same experience with the iPhone and being in the cold environment and homeless I felt it necessary to make a purchase of some wireless earbuds made by Apple. I had $70 in my wallet after I paid my bill and there was on display right by the cash register a little white box that was so signature of an Apple product I had seen the little white box in previous visits but was always intimidated because I knew they were going to be expensive. My fiancé and I ( now separated largely due to the fighting that ensued after I made the purchase of these earbuds) We’re trying to maintain a long distance relationship and again me being homeless and in the cold sometimes struggling to hear her at night and hold the phone I went ahead and spent the last of my money on that set of headphones $70 after inquiring the sales clerk expressed to me we have a promotion and this is we have one pair left and when he told me the price I felt I can go to hungry for a couple days knowing that I had scored at that price. At no time did he ever tell me that they were a knock off product. And I expressed repeatedly saying wow I’m surprised they’re so cheap I didn’t think I was going to get him this cheap in which he would reply yeah promotions can be good sometimes this year or this cricket store has lots of good promotions from time to time. A month went by and in that month ensued long periods of time not communicating with my ex fiancé the times we did communicate and I attempted with the Air Pods Pro with always the same result my voice was muffled but this whole time I was adamant on it be in the headphones. In the whole time finally I decided to call Apple once and for all to get them repaired at least. After all in Apple Support it showed them with a serial number but they were saying that they were not covered anymore which was strange to me because I had just purchased them again it must be a mistake and would easily be cleared up in no time if I just communicated with the stores after all customers always right right? After talking with an Apple tech I find that these headphones should have never been sold to me and I still don’t know what was popping up in Apple‘s database but from what I understand it wasn’t good. I was advised to go back to the store cricket and ask for my money back. I went back the next day to the store owner insisting that those headphones were displayed as cheap substitutes for the real thing. I expressed to him over and over again that his employee tricked me into purchasing these and I would never of never had purchased them I would never have spent $70 when a $20 set of headphones from Ross worked better. The strangest thing of all about these headphones was the fact that they pop up on my Apple iPhone when I open the case. After doing some research from what I understand this can only be achieved through a special chip designed and built by Apple. So if this chip is in this set of headphones how is it that they are being sold as a substitute. It seems to me if I were Apple I would be very upset knowing this was going on because they are taking a new customer and scamming them not knowing better. They told me I should’ve known better because there’s no Apple symbol on the head phone box but if you look at the box you can clearly see they look identical in the small difference of there being an Apple symbol or no Apple symbol is so my nude to a new customer I was convinced for an entire month and I sacrificed a relationship because of it if I had known I would’ve told my ex fiancé baby you’re right it is on my side it’s these headphones I need to return them but I didn’t do that my stubbornness in my pride in defending Apple let me to this consequence. I am beyond upset I am furious after several attempts to try to find some sort of resolution I was told by cricket that they were getting sick and tired of me coming in there and saying these things so I’m telling you know Apple that this is going on and please as a new Apple customer who appreciates your product wholeheartedly and has defended the integrity to at least look into this. It’s not fair to the consumer for these cheap Chinese knock offs to be sold with what I feel was magicians trickery by the young Caucasian kid who knows 100% without a doubt that what he was doing is wrong.


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Hey @jojo4208 

Thanks for your post. Our support team would like to look into this further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, wireless number, full store address, and receipt number for further assistance.