Mailing address change

How can I update my snail mail address

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Hey there! You can update your account information anytime online or via the MyCricket app.

I'm having problems with the thing. I can't locate it

I do not see anywhere online to change my address

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I don't see anyway to change my mailing address online. I can't believe that there isn't anyway to do this online.

Is there any update to this?  How in the heck do we change our mailing address in our account?   :)

I need to change my address for my account
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If you're having issues updating your information you can contact Cricket via phone, chat, or social media (Facebook or twitter @cricketsupport).

i,have done in the my app. i, have done it online four or five times already, and,dont seem to be getting any where. so,how can i change my billing adress.


New address is 1396 Garnet Ave Mentone, CA 92359
3130 E Suffock Ave Kingman AZ 86409