Mailing address change

How can I update my snail mail address

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I don't see anyway to change my mailing address online. I can't believe that there isn't anyway to do this online.
I'm having problems with the thing. I can't locate it

I do not see anywhere online to change my address

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Hey there! You can update your account information anytime online or via the MyCricket app.

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If you're having issues updating your information you can contact Cricket via phone, chat, or social media (Facebook or twitter @cricketsupport).

Is there any update to this?  How in the heck do we change our mailing address in our account?   :)

I need to change my address for my account

i,have done in the my app. i, have done it online four or five times already, and,dont seem to be getting any where. so,how can i change my billing adress.


New address is 1396 Garnet Ave Mentone, CA 92359
3130 E Suffock Ave Kingman AZ 86409