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  • 9 September 2018
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This morning, I got a text notification that my account has been locked "to protect the security of my information." I call the number provided - no option to talk to a person or to talk about unlocking my account. I *finally* get through to a person who tells me this is just because I haven't accessed my online account for a while! Why would I need Cricket to tell me that? And why would I want you to lock my account?

I just got back from vacation this morning, so I had a nice panic attack about someone accessing my account information. Why would you send me something like this for what appears to be no good reason at all? It's unclear and misleading and pointless.

5 replies

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Hi Lisa, thank you for writing on our forum. We are sorry that the text scared you. Our intention is to make sure that all accounts are secure and we like to warn our customers when something is off beat. You can always contact us on our National Social Media pages if you have any questions or concerns. Below are the links to our accounts:

Please reach out to our support team on Facebook (m.me/cricketnation) or Twitter(@cricketsupport) 

I just received this message as well so it is still a problem. This makes me wonder about the security of my account but logging in clearly shows it isn't "locked". I would have to assume there was a security breach or there was a hacked text trying phish my account information through a fake number. If this is real then whoever determined sending this message meant the need to refresh your account through a call needs to be fired. I will be looking for a new carrier. I'm glad this person posted and actually called the number to do a better job at informing customers than anyone at cricket thought appropriate.

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While it may be alarming I know I would rather them send me a message than not care about security.

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@Bulldog @Totally agree I prefer that they care about my security! Scare me all you want Cricket!

But this has nothing to do with security! It has to do with them wanting me to log in here, which does nothing to add to the security of my account.