moxee hotspot device text message for mycricket account

  • 24 April 2022
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I recently purchased a  moxee hotspot device from walmart and went to set it up, I was told to add it to my existing account, I would be charged the $55 for the month of data and that I would NOT receive a credit for the 20 days I wouldnt have it on the current billing cycle I have, so I asked if I could set it up on its own account which the rep did. I want to be able to monitor the data usage so I can get a gauge of what I am using, figured doing a mycricket account would be the best bet, I would also like to be able to just log on and check the billing info ie. what card and all that as well


When I go to set up the new account, it wants to send a text message to the number they gave me for the hot spot, which I did, however having tried 3 different times, I do not receive a text message in the settings where I can see on the hotspot device, I have even tried to text it from my own phone and still nothing, I have tried to power down and reboot, even as far as a factory reset and still nothing. I do not have another device that the sim card will fit to try to see if that will work plus I dont want to throw the account in a loop thinking it has a phone and not a data device because I have seen how cricket right off the bat is checking the model of the device.


when I try and call to check on it, it goes to my main account for my phone and the only way i have got anywhere is using a old google voice number but the only options it gave me were to buy more data. I dont have a lot of time to wait on hold to talk to anyone and was wondering if there is a way to check on this without doing just that, I will if I have to, but damn having spent hours and hours on the phone in the last month for other issues Im tired of it, Cricket works damn good for me when it is and has in the past but Im feeling bummed out on the having to reach someone and go through things with customer support or tech support, very subpar in my view


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2 replies

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@Johnmc318 yo try to give them a shout on their social pages they do a lot of resolving issues there i’m sure they can get your account setup for your wifi device 

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I still have yet to get a reply from another issue on Facebook, im not holding my breath there, let me see if I can try maybe Twitter, exactly what I meant by hard to get ahold of someone