My address "cant be found" by crickets website software when i try to activate my SIM card online???

  • 31 August 2019
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I purchased a cricket SIM card through Amazon. 

I went through the "easy setup"website forms and everything works fine until I send my address, which is a regular street address in a rural area, and it refuses to accept it. It actually states "NOT FOUND" specifically when I type in my city.  Customer service took so incredibly long, I tried to call twice and while on hold for exhorbitant amounts of time my phone battery died. TWICE.

Cricket needs to upgrade their website software if they actually want customers.  If I don't hear back from someone Im forced to return their SIM card and take my business somewhere else.

Frustrated in WI


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2 replies

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@Jules Thank you for posting! We're sorry to hear your having trouble on our website. Please DM/PM Cricket Support on Twitter: @cricketsupport or Facebook: We want to further look into this issue in order to provide the best solution.

May be technical issue i also found that problem