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  • 19 May 2020
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On today May 18th I received a text from Cricket saying my account had been changed. I am the only one on this account I have 4 lines but I am the primary account holder no one is suppose to be able to access this account but me. I tried to check my account on line only to find out the password had been changed. I quickly get on the line and call customer service the first lady name Katie said no could have access my account unless they had my pass code but a cricket store had called and since they did not know the code permission was giving only once to access my account. I asked to speak with her superviser who hang up the phone when I asked her name. I call around to several Cricket stores and asked about policy all of them stated no one can access your account without your 4 dight code. I called Corp again I spoke to a lady by the name of Olga who basicly said that Cricket accounts can be access by anyone but she would not give me the store. 

I called the Cricket store that access my account the gentle that aswer the phone in Senatobia Ms was very rude. I told him that someone had access my account from his store he said they do not do that unless they have pin so if my account was access I had to give out the pin.  he hung up the phone an block me a customer. I call the manager of the store. I found out what happen. My brother got a new phone he not have access to the account. Instead of her calling me she overrided the account which alerted me. She broke into my account and changed information to add a new phone on the line. Please be aware of Criket I know cannot get into my account but I beT, that when the mOney is due the will draft my account. PLEASE BEWARE OF CRCIKET I WILL BE DROPPING THEM AS SOON AS TOMORROW BECAUSE IF THEY CAN GO INTO ACCOUNTS WITHOUT PERMISSION THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH YOUR INFORMATION. I CANNOT ACCESS MY ACCOUNT IF KEEP TELLING ME I HAVE TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE, WE AS COUNTRY IS GOING THUR TO MUCH TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS.

2 replies

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On the terms and conditions you accepted when you got the service, you will see that on Cricket there is no "account holder". There's a name on the account which is basically just to identify it. But anyone that has a line/service IN the account can access and make changes on it. 

Someone that calls customer service or goes to the Cricket Store that doesn't have service on your account, can access to it only if he/she has the PIN number or the answer to your security question. 

So if your brother has a line on your account, and he only wanted to upgrade his phone, he has the right to access on it. If your brother doesn't have a line on your account and added a new one at the Store, he couldn't have done that without the PIN. The stores can't override the access to an account. 

So if you didn't give him the PIN, it should have been someone else that has a line on your account that gave it to him (in the case he doesn't have a line himself already and just made an upgrade on the phone). 


What's recommended is to change the PIN from time to time. If someone makes changes that's not you and that has a line on your account, ALL the lines are notified. 


And if none of the people on that account make a change and you get an SMS about changes, it should have been someone with your PIN. That's why I recommend you to change it from time to time.

…. What's recommended is to change the PIN from time to time. If someone makes changes that's not you and that has a line on your account, ALL the lines are notified.” 


HOW does one go about changing their PIN number without telling a Cricket Wireless person? Is it possible to change the PIN online -- and if so, where does one find that setting?