My phone was reported lost/stolen

  • 30 January 2021
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My phone was reported lost or stolen. It must've been an error because I have the phone with me. I talked to an online rep twice yesterday and both times they sent me to my store where I bought the phone. I was told that they would have to reactivate the phone to take it off the lost/stolen list. Both times I went to my store they said it was fine and that since it was active now (the online rep said they could reactivate it, but it would turn off again shortly) they told me that the phone was fine and that they were a franchise store and that they didn't do that. I have been with Cricket for a few years, but over the last month it has been nothing but trouble with that store. When I went to get an upgrade, the employee told me that since its over 6 months, I should get a free or very reduced upgrade to the phone I picked. When we got to the counter he told me that he was "Incorrect" and that "I'm new so I forget these things", after which the other employee called him "boss" and told me he was the manager. So, not only did he lie to get a bigger sale, he lied about his position in the store to get me to buy a higher priced phone. I have not had phone service for 2 days, and the store I keep going to has done nothing about it. I always used your service, but I'm greatly considering using a different service since the quality of the Cricket store and their employees has been terrible. The store is located at 3855 E Silver Springs Blvd Suite 102 Ocala, FL 34470 and the person who took my money was Edwin M. I just want my service back and my phone taken off the list. I have the receipt, IMEI, and the phone with me.

1 reply

Please don't forward me to your Facebook, I messaged them as well and there hasn't been any kind of response.