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  • 21 May 2019
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I just recently purchased the Moto G 7 Supra from Cricket and the phone came preloaded with the mycricket app but it just won't work.

I updated it to the 2.7.2 latest version but it never opens or even lets me get to the log in screen.

If I down grade to the previous version, I can get to the login  screen but after inputting my name/phone number and password, it goes to another screen where it looks as though it shows a activity/progress bar, but then nothing happens and I can't log in.

What's weird is that I can download the mycricket app to another one of my unlocked phones not using Cricket's service, and I can log in just fine, but a phone bought from Cricket and preloaded from Cricket doesn't work.

I would uninstall it and reinstall it but there doesn't seem to be any way to do that.

Anyone have any ideas as to what I could try?


9 replies

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@johnrandolph Hi John, we are currently working with Motorola regarding this issue and they advised for our customers to use our website to log into their account to make changes or pay bills. Motorola has found a compatibility issue in their software and they are working on a solution for the app to open.

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OK.  Thanks for letting me know.

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@johnrandolph You're welcome!

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Hello Cricket,


Any updates to this ongoing problem?  It's been a few months and I still can't use this mycricket app.

Surely there is some word from the people working on this issue?  Any eta on when it might be fixed?

Please keep us informed......

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Looks like there's been an update and the app appears to be working.

Thanks Cricket.

I did notice that by default that wifi manager was enabled and I've been reading posts that wifi manager causes some problems for some folks.  

I turned it off.

But it sure is nice to now have this app working.

Thank you.......



I am having this problem on a new phone that I just upgraded to I just got a cricket icon and the my cricket app will not get past the opening green screen will not even get to login screen keeps sayingstopped trued everything will not work
I am having the same problem as well. How about fixing it cricket

I am having the same problem, on an iPhone with all updated software. Mine gets stuck on the Captcha screen (prove you are a human) -- it won’t log in using the app, or using mobile web browsers or using the computer. 

Interesting to see here that cricket is deflecting the issue to a compatibility issue with Motorola. On another customer’s page, they deflect to a different manufacturer. And if you look hard enough you will find that this issue has been going on for over a year for various brands and models of phones. 


Have you tried reaching out to Cricket customer support to see if they can assist you with troubleshooting the issue?