• 24 August 2022
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I had the worst customer service ever. I was sent in circles and my problem was not resolved. I paid approximately $800 outright no payments for a brand new phone it was still in great shape but it got wet called insurance had to pay a $150 deductible got the new phone and the battery won't hold charge. I call the insurance company back tell the whats going on was then told its a remanufactured phone, I said now wait a minute you are telling me that my phone that was practically brand new was replaced with a used phone after I not only bought it outright but have carried insurance on that you charged me $150 deductible for and you are going to send me a used phone. OH HECK NO!! Well now my used phone won't hold charge insurance tells me it's not on them that it is now a warranty issue and I need to call you all so I did, had a long wait and was told to leave a call back number, won't loose my place in line and warranty will call me back. Well that was 2 pm on 8/23 and still no call back. So I call back in about 5 pm got a very nice person who sent me to warranty again yeah that lady not so nice, she was very very rude and disrespectful she informed me that I can get a used replacement phone for my used replacement phone but I have to surrender my phone first and pay a $75 warranty fee for shipping and such (which I can not do because of life threatening medical issues) or I can pay a refundable deposit and get the phone first and get the depositwhen my phone is returned. I asked how am I supposed to transfer my stuff onto the new phone if I need to surrender the phone first? She then again told me about the deposit and I asked her how much the deposit was she hung up on me. 




We then used the other phone on the account (because by this time the used phone was almost dead and had to go on the charger for the 2nd time in the day) we call talk to a very nice gentleman he then transfered us over to warranty which had a very long wait time... we were disconnected, so called back needles to say that is 2 1/2 hrs we will never get back and still to this very minute on 8/24/22 @ 12:40pm we have not received our promised call back when a representative is available for our held place in line.  




At this point if this does not get handled correctly and professionally in a very timly manner I will be switching our phones back to AT&T (which at least there you get excellent care and what you pay for) then I will be writing a lengthy letter to the Attorney General's office for the fact that I paid insurance to you every month for over a year to guarantee a new phone (which is what your sales team says when you buy a new phone they do NOT say you will get a used refurbished one) in the off chance something happened to the one purchased. After that I will write a lengthy letter to the BBB about how your false advertising, promises, customer service and your round about shady way of taking advantage stealing of/from paying customers. 


Like your recording says our layers want us to tell you blah blah blah...Did your lawyers explain to about unethical practices?


I bet there is a large law firm (maybe I should start looking) out there that would love to talk to all of your disgruntled customers who you have screwed over with your unethical and shady practices. Heck Erin Brocovich might even like a crack at it.




I hope this matter gets addressed now because the treatment I was getting on 8/23/22 was a joke. 


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@Notahappycustomer While I agree this situation stinks for you and hope it gets resolved both Asurion (insurance provider) and Cricket clearly state in their terms on insurance and warranty that you may get a refurbished device: 

Asurion:  At our option, we may repair the Covered Property with substitute parts or provide substitute equipment that: 1. Is of like kind and quality; 2. Is either new or refurbished, and may contain original or non-original manufacturer parts; and 3. May be a different brand, model or color

Cricket: the Returns Center will ship the same or similar replacement model, which may be a new or refurbished device.

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How I understand that however until my phone got wet it was in perfect condition always had a screen protector on and also always in a case. It had never been dropped and it held a charge for almost 3 days. The one I received did not even compare, it has to be charged 3 times a day.


However I am not here to fight, argue or debate with anyone. I simply wanted Cricket to be aware they have an issue with training, customer service and a bug in their call back system. I do believe they also have an issue with their refurbish department or company also if something as simple as an old batter was left in a phone that they handed off to me with a $150 deductible.