no customer repect very dishonest cricket employees

  • 12 August 2021
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I have been having sexual harassment calls for months also people calling hanging up. I talked to the same employee 4 times in 3 months begging for a phone number change she promised I would get it straightened out with cricket and I would get texts with my new phone number. I have been with cricket from the 1st month you opened up. Do to your lack of responsibilities of throwing such a serious issue guess yall don't realize that some of us don't have $15 to change my number but that's just shows you have no care in the world for your customers but it can lead to the lock of honesty, caring, loyalty which you have from me why do I get treated differently cuz I m on the other side of the desk. How would cricket ever possibly know if whom is continueing with the scary nasty calls hadn't killed me due to your lack of good customer care. I don't have the $15 dollars I'm totally disabled. My other complaint is i have sent my sister in for a refer a friend 2 x s your careless staff couldn't take a 5 minute customer service issue to help us in the store both times same employee but neither did my sister or myself get the credit either time. My other complaint is I went into the bountiful utah store a little over 1 yr ago to pick up my new phone case that the manager had ordered for me I had already paid in full upon ordering the phone case which he charged me $45 said its is considered a special product and order so got charged another $25 on top of the $45 than like said I go in there because he had been telling me that one of this employees stole outta his office and than he was either never there but wouldn't respond to none of my messages than I want in there again this was 7 months trying to communicate with him I than was told her was fired and had been arrested but they new management refused to help figure out a phone case and I still put up with the employees treating the customers like garbage each time I called there was the same line by every employee I filed a report on anyone there cuz got swept under the rug. I have 1 more complaint to file that is I have pleaded with the store to please help me figure out a good monthly plan for me I always use up my data I have the ultimate unlimited I guess but why don't I have enough data cuz I m always needing to use someones hot spot or wifi cuz never have enough. I feel that cricket employees have let me down in every situation I have had and still do like I said been loyal to the employees from a week after cricket was brand new up to this day. I would like my number to be changed as well of somehow being com compensated somehow with everything I have had to endure because of carelessness . I'm located in bountiful UT and would love a positive response from someone from cricket. I will say I have 32 friends and family I brought to your business and we have neither one gotten anything from refer a friend so if there is ever a next time we will be happy to take our service and business lsomewhere. We would be treated like we should be and honesty is pretty big on my list. By the way I also want to know in 2 separate drawings 1 yr apart in won the grand drawing on both of them the 1st one was a Samsung smart I pad the 2nd was a very very nice beautiful phone with a huge Bluetooth speaker the assist manager at the time that that manager never have me my phone case was the one who took the winning phone and blue tooth speaker when he stole a lot of other things when he stole the samsung smart I pad he wasn't the manager at the time. Although he was a employee please contact me asap thank you for your time and attention to these complaints. And concerns 

2 replies

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I guess we know how much Cricket values their customers and their time.