Not receiving MMS texts but I can send them

  • 5 May 2019
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I haven't been receiving MMS texts, like group chats or pictures.


I can send but not receive.


I reset my APN settings, it would work but eventually stop again.

I changed the SMS app to FB Messenger and Textra, same thing.

I restored my phone and same thing.


Android motorola e5 cruise



6 replies

I have the same issue with my wife's e5 Supra starting over the weekend. Please let me know if you get it resolved.

I wonder if it's a Motorola issue or something?


They gave me a new APN settings but then it prevented from sending, too.


Waiting for them to get back to me after they look into it further.

I found 2 solutions. (1) Turn off your WIFI just before or when downloading an attachment, ie photo, etc. Afterward, turn wifi back on. Worked well, just a pain to do it as well as remembering to turn it back on!
(2) Switch to Google's Messages app. I did this in 8/2019 when the newest version came out. Now, it works perfectly and do not have to do the off and on either wifi any longer!

Just in case others may still be having this problem, I wanted to give a new update.  I downloaded & installed the (blue) Messages app by Google (from the Google Play Store. Then, I disabled the standard Samsung Messages app (orange/red).  I use the blue Messages app as my primary/system app. It has a setting for allowing both SMS and Wifi. Selecting to allow MMS attachments to download solved the problem!  I felt like I had discovered gold when this actually worked.  I hope those of you still fighting with this dilemma find this solution as helpful as I did.  Good luck & Thank You, Google!

Im in the same situation. If you hear anything to help can you let me know in your message please. Maybe it's the phone. Got sane one. But my son has different phone and doing same. If not phone then it's cricket I believe. They don't really help after they run you through that

I had the same issue on my Pixel 3.  I could send text messages, but could not receive any.  I tried everything from resetting the APN, restarting the phone, resetting the network settings on the phone, removed sim card and started phone, called customer service and they tried doing stuff on their side and nothing.  I was about to do a factory reset when I took my son’s phone and swapped in his sim card, and put mine in his.  As soon as mine was in his, my text messages started downloading, but nothing happened on my phone.  I could still send text messages with his sim card, but nothing received.  So then I swapped the sim cards back and about 3 minutes later my text messages started working.  Not sure if his sim card reset something but it worked.  Thought I’d pass it along.