On autopay, yet service suspended

  • 5 November 2020
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This is never ending. I am on autopay yet I woke to no service because I am told I have a balance of 15.00. No explanation and since I am on autopay it makes no sense. I did upgrade to a plan with more data but was never asked to make a payment. Then to top it off, I was charged 4.00 fee to apply a payment. Why would this happen?

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Hello @Organic! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. AutoPay is charged two days before your bill is due to ensure payment is made on time. However, when customers make changes to their account within these two days, it will affect the amount due. The amount paid with AutoPay and the amount due will no longer be the same amount causing the account to suspend. Anytime changes are made to your account, we recommend ensuring that payment is made for these changes or making the changes after the new billing period has started. 

As a consumer, how am I supposed to know about this flaw in your programming? When I upgraded, I attempted to make the upgrade effective immediately, however, your portal would not allow that stating a client could not make 2 plan changes in a month which the initial chnge was a result of removing a line off my account and I had still yet to determine how much data is sufficient for me alone. So now that we established that your system would not allow me to make the change effective immediately and informed me that then change would take effect at the next renewal, I then glanced at the amount of monies owed. Your portal stated no monies was owed at this moment to make this change. So I trusted that what your portal was sharing was indeed accurate. Are you sharing with me that your system provided inaccurate data? How is a client supposed to know if any monies is owed if your system clearly states no monies is owed? Additionally, I signed up for autopay to eliminate any possibility of a suspended account, correct? Lastly, I was forced to pay a processing fee of 4.00 which I had to endure once again several “best folks” hanging up on me, transferring me to a line that just rings and rings without anyone picking up and even my chat session was abruptly ended when your chat person stopped replying. Your chat person stopped replying why I asked how I could get a transcript of the chat session. Luckily, I figured out how to email myself a copy of the chat session which clearly states inaccurate info and indicates that the chat person ended my inquiry. One last bonus, I was told that I had to pay the 4.00 processing which when I compared intended 19 dollars and some cents, my transaction that was reported to my bank was a dollar higher. Why do I get a feeling like I am being nickel and dimes to death? Could you as well address the additional monies aside from the 4.00 processing fee, in your response?