Online order issue

Hi Cricket,


It has come to point where i have been calling and chatting with customer care.

There seems to be a issue in ur website which cancels the orders ppl are tired of ordering online please fix it .

I have ordered a dozen times till now and there is no success.


Everyone seems to be passing the buck and online/chat were not able to help in my request.

Find my latest order number : 131550843

Let me know if u can process the order.

I have checked all my details are perfect to a point. i have used my cards and friends cards and address there is exactly same.

i want to conclude by saying u dont want to have new customers it seems.


Let me knof if anything can be done.


P.S. I dont want to buy from store as offer is not released in stores.

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Don’t do it!!! You won’t ever get your phone!! I’ve been waiting a month and my order is “still processing “ and can’t get anyone in customer service to find out why, I wish I had seen this forum before I ordered. I get a different answer EVERY time I call!!

Trying to order a phone and i can’t get past checkout. Is there an issue with website or something?

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I was having this issue as well so I got a prepaid visa and it worked I don’t think they except master cards


The same thing happened to me today. I ordered online my card declined but they still took my payment out. I talked to a guy on the phone and he was VERY rude and unprofessional. I want my money back this is very inconvenient I will never use cricket service EVER again. I better get my money back.

I placed a order online and i didn't get a confirmation code so i called my bank nn they released the money to cricket wireless but i called cricket customer service the first guy told me to wait 4 hrs (the money would be back on my card or i would have a confirmation number) i didn't receive neither.. So the second time i was told by a supervisor to have my bank cancel the order so i called my bank nn the said the needed a letter faxed over from cricket so the third time i called cricket i spoke to another supervisor who had a million reasons why i shouldnt have my bank cancel the order then said she couldnt fax anything over nn hung up in my face .. I TRIED THREE TIMES TO CALL BACK BUT NOW IM GETTING NO ANSWER .. SO DONT ORDER ONLINE FROM CRICKET , THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY THEN PLAY DUMB !!

This is happening again.  I've tried placing an order 3 times.  My card is charged, but the order didn't generate.  The people in customer service have no idea and keep asking me to check my browser even though I've tried it in 3 different browsers.  They keep "escalating" to a manager, but there is no resolution.  Don't order anything online. 

I have been on messenger for 5 days, cricketwireless the one with the green button
Hey man I've done been trying f for 5 days and they just don't care!
I have had many phone encounters with the same club of worlds worst actors. The difference with my situation is U was charged two separate orders. When i spoke with customer disservice i was told to refuse one of the shipments and it would be refunded. "Somehow" both services were activated and after being told my bank needs to do a chargeback to recover the funds the revised script is that a refund is impossible. If they can do it for the bank then how is it impossible. So after paying for two phones, one of which I had no ability to use seeing as how I was told to send it back, they offered a $10 credit on a $30 charge. I thought it was impossible though. Any suggestions on who else I can inconvenience with the task of doing their job
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I have been dealing with the same issue.  I've tried three times to order service for my 6 Verizon phone numbers and the orders keep getting cancelled the following day.

Calling customer service is useless unless you enjoy talking to mindless idiots who read from the same script over and over again.

Just curious, are you trying to migrate from another cell carrier?

Please direct message or private message us on Facebook or Twitter and we would be happy to help you resolve this. (@cricketsupport or Cricketnation)