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  • 6 June 2019
  • 4 replies

Everytime I try to transfer my number from Virgin Mobile to cricket online my order keeps getting cancelled. I have done this several times. My address matches my credit card address exactly. Why doesn't Cricket fix this?

4 replies

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They will need more information to help you. Are you using your phone or desktop to change carriers. Where does the transaction cancel on you? Do you have a screen shot? etc

I was doing it on my computer is that the problem? Do I have to do the transaction on my phone?
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@novelist11 I would say to go to the store. The order may need more information. The last time it happened to me I needed to validate myself at the store and open up services there because my porting information was all wrong.

Yes go to the store.  They will never ship an online order.  They want you there so they can up sell you to a more profitable phone and collect that 25 dollar fee for activation.