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  • 10 March 2021
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So i upgraded my phone & ordered me a new phone via online. My account is now saying "Order Pending" & won't let me do anything. I'm frustrated because we're wanting to upgrade my wife's phone too but can't due to this issue. Any suggestions or help? I did receive my phone today btw but have to go in store to activate it. I can't do it online which is frustrating. 


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Hi @EdMW1994 

Thanks for posting. This may be occuring because a recently received order has not been “activated” so it shows as pending on the account. If you already activated your new device, we can assist you with clearing this. Feel free to reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, wireless number, and full name on the account for further assistance. :sunglasses:

Ordered a phone 13 days ago.

Haven't heard a thing

I ordered a phone on April 13th. They promised free next day business shipping, and a Cricket rep told me on a phone call it would be here April 15th. Two weeks later, still no phone and order still “in process.” I attempted to cancel that order so I could purchase at the local Cricket store, and that cancellation is still in process! They won’t allow me to purchase at the store until the cancellation is completed. 


Needless to say, this experience does not inspire confidence. :rolling_eyes:

I also ordered online April 3rd, can’t get a straight answer from anyone at customer service, tried to cancel and they won’t, mine also says “still processing “, one service rep sent something to corporate and it’s now being investigated, what the crap is going on? I just want my phone, have already been charged the initial payment and upgrade fee and can’t get nothing done by calling customer service, even a supervisor can’t resolve this…..


I have the same issue with "order pending" and I'm simply trying to add more hotspot. Let me tell everyone something. Cricket is by far the WORST cell company I've ever experienced. They have a far worse than merely useless app, it is frustrating and non functional, the phone number customer service is now a voice activated horror show you can't even add features after hours , this company is the worst. I'm changing mobile companies. Don't even bother with this crappy service


I ordered new phone for my Mom then tried to order a second one but when I hit CheckOut it said I can only order one phone at a time but they still took my money and it's been pending for 4 days now. I called them yesterday to resolve this but they hung up on me as usual and never called me back They're customer service is so lazy & incompetent it's beyond frustrating. I filed a complaint with FCC to resolve past issues cause I got tired of calling them at least 30 times to fix my Mom's phone. The phone service is good but their customer service is so terrible! Their Management needs to get their act together and use stricter guidelines for their employees!


The Cricket ordering process hung during a phone upgrade order and needed to be restarted. Received new phone but an order pending notice is outstanding which means further changes to service cannot be made.    Contacting Cricket support to get this fixed and to upgrade to a better data plan was a miserable experience, especially trying to deal with offshore support with language limitations.  Cancelled service and went with a company with better support.    


Hey everyone! Just wanted to chime in on this thread. I've had a similar experience with an online order before, so I can definitely share my knowledge on this topic. It seems like you're facing some frustration with your pending order and the inability to upgrade your wife's phone due to this issue. I totally understand how that can be frustrating.

One suggestion I have is to reach out to customer support for the online store where you made the purchase. They need to be able to provide you with more facts about the status of your order and help resolve any troubles you're facing. Sometimes, orders get stuck in the pending stage due to various reasons, and customer support can often provide insights or even expedite the process. Check this:

Additionally, if you received your new phone today, congratulations! Though it's frustrating that you have to go in-store to activate it instead of doing it online, visiting a physical store might be the best solution in this case. The staff there can assist you with the activation process and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Hang in there, and I hope you're able to resolve this order pending situation soon!