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  • 7 February 2022
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When trying to order a new upgraded phone on my account I get the following error message from Cricket.  “Looks like you’ve reached the maximum orders permitted for this address. Sorry about that!”.  This error message has come up with the last 2 phones I had upgraded.  Waited at least 2 days and was able to order.  

I have 2 accounts through cricket 6 lines, I have ordered and spent at least $500-$800 in the last 2-3 months upgrading all of our phones.  For the last phone we are wanting to upgrade and pay almost $500 for this phone. 

I have contacted numerous times through the cricket chat, to no help.  They say to go incognito, which doesn’t work either and last person told me to wait at least 1 week and try again.  ?????????????

Sounds like cricket doesn’t even know how to fix their problems, or want money.  I tried to go to the local store, guess what, they don’t even carry that phone.  Really? How do you get new customers, if you don’t carry all of the phones you offer, especially a newer Galaxy S20.  

I can go on and on, over the last 2 months I have had to contact cricket at least 20 times for issues with ordering phones to activating phones and to get money back after their auto pay system didn’t work and shut off 1 of my accounts, then tried to charge me an reactivation fee for their mistake.  That was a hassle, lets take your money and tell you we ”Cricket” messed up, but didn’t want to give it back.  HA.     

Please don’t tell me to go to Twitter or Facebook, because I have neither of these.  How do I actually speak with someone that knows how to fix this issue!.  


I’m waiting,

Phillip Wilson 

2 replies

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I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks on the same issue. No resolution, no communication, nothing. Anyone know a good phone company?  I though I had one. Guess I was wrong. It seems  Cricket Wireless is where common sense and customer service go to die.

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Common order picking problems include choosing the wrong product, the wrong color or the wrong quantity. Common order packing problems include missing products, incomplete orders or improper packaging, which can lead to product damage. EmployeeConnection