Outages continue

  • 20 March 2020
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My cricket phone is not working. Your towers in Mecina Ohio have been down since about 1:30 AM on March 19, 2020. They were sketchy and in out the day before. This is the worst possible thing you can do at the worst possible time. Your employees in the store lied and sId your engineers would have it back up in a couple hours that was 11.5 hours ago. I have a Mother in a nursing home who is very ill and it was her 85th birthday. Since they are on lockdown with Corona Virus isolation, she needs to be able to call me for support. You ruined her 85th birthday because I could not call and also could not get the nurses reports on her current health. You did not put anything on the news about it, you did not email us or in anyway let us know. You did this this summer fot 5 days knowing the towers would be down with no communication to customers. Right now you pretty much suck. I can not be without a phone. On top of not being able to communicate with my Mom and the Nursing home she is in, If I become ill with the Corona virus, I need to be able to inform my doctor because I can not get a test or  a cure without a phone call to a doctor. So not only have you ruined my Mothers 85th birthday and kept me from knowing her current health statis, but you are putting my life in danger. Get the damned towers back up and working and give me a free month...I had to drive all over to see why my phone was not working and then be lied to. You should all be thrown in jail as communication during this crisis is of utmost importance. The worst part is, you provide no way to contact customer service except thru the phone which if not working you can not use. Poorest excuse for a caring company I have ever seen. If your agents tell me they can not refund money because it is prepaid this will be the end...I will go to great lengths to start a fb and email campaign against you. This is crazy and very upsetting. Fix the damned towers and do your jobs and put a way to talk to an agent online so when towers are down customers can at least talk to one of your csr. 

1 reply

Hope everything will be fine soon.  online chat is down for two days now.  calling took one and half hours and suddenly dropped.  we need reliable csr during this  time period