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  • 11 October 2020
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Last post I saw about Cricket not supporting changing the outbound caller id name was in 2018 and I can't seem to find anymore information about it. Is it supported now? If it is, where can I find instructions on how to change it? If not, does cricket ever plan to change this?

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Thank you for reaching out.  Caller ID name can only display wireless callers with Cricket service.  


I spent over an hour with the tech support who said they were trying to update my account so my name and the names of my wife and daughters line would appear when they would call my mother who has ALS so our calls wouldn’t go to a spam/call block filter on their house phone.  Unfortunately the name displayed still says Wireless Caller.

Cricket’s corporate policy on cutting corners when they say we don’t support it at the moment is causing me to have buyers remorse.  

I hope cricket can make my line appear professional to my clients by allowing my name to appear to my customers when I call them being that Straight Talk using an AT&T SIM card allows the outbound lines to have their names displayed on the caller ID so it has nothing to do with AT&T and discounted service but Cricket cutting corners.






I have a Cricket Dream 5G phone and when I make a call, it shows up on the recipient’s phones as NO CALLER ID.  How can I change that to read either my name or my number?  I’d really prefer it to show both my name AND number.  I’m coming from using an iPhone and know how to change it on an iPhone and I downloaded the User Guide for the phone and still can’t find it.  Is it possible to change it???

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Hi. One of my Cricket numbers shows up a a name, presumably that last person that had the number, instead of WIRELESS CALLER.  If it can’t be changed to the correct name, how can it be reset to WIRELESS CALLER?