phone and account hacked. anybody else had this happen?

  • 28 December 2022
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ok so i’m going to try to be as detailed as possible. Yesterday me and my son leave the house around 12-1pm and we’re both listening to music on our phones simultaneously, about 15-20 minutes go by and both our phones stop playing music and both say SOS only. I look at my business phone (4 lines with Cricket) and this one said no service. I assumed it was a cricket outage. about an hour later I stop at a store and they said there might be an outage we contacted tech support and they stated no outage, they said they were going to fix issue and to try again within an hour. an hour goes by nothing yet I get off work go to another store, at this store after a while and speaking with tech support we notice my sim had been (hacked) my numbers were assigned to Galaxy phones when all my lines have iPhone SE. we try to access my acct and pins don’t work security question is different. tech support recommended trying to change from my app so we connect my phone to store WIFI and I get notifications from my email that somebody has requested multiple times 1000 dollars to be transferred. well long story short nobody at Cricket corporate is willing to assist with the issue although everything is under my name, my address all my info is on the account but they can’t access. They mentioned a pin bypass yet it can’t be done on my account because I have 4 lines, if it were only 1 line they could bypass pin. I can’t reset anything with apps, email accounts cause they’re all linked to my phone number for the 2 step verification process. Has anybody encountered anything similar this is driving me crazy and I really at least need to recover one of my numbers and corporate isn’t helping. 


Please assist if you’ve been going through this.


ps: everything was hacked through my phone, bank accounts, emails, apps...everything it’s hell right now


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Hi @Hazard42 and welcome to the Community Forum. We’re sorry to hear this happened to you. Please send us a PM to @CricketSupport and include the name on your account, the affected wireless number(s), and your best contact number. We’re here to help.

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I’ve contacted you. please assist i’m desperate now


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Yes, this happened to us too. And it’s the second time. I have no cell now and have been locked out of my cricket account. I can’t seem to fix anything. 


Yes!!! This happened to me yesterday and I haven’t had any luck with cricket to fix anything or get a new number or phone. Absolutely no help! Please let me know what you had to do for this to be fixed??