Phone shutoff by Cricket - not by me

  • 29 October 2019
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My phone was abruptly turned off "no service" 10/28/19 around noon.  On 10/26 Cricket auto took my payment thru my credit card. When I went to Cricket Office, they said my phone was canceled and transferred to T-Mobile. At the T-Mobile Office, they had no record.  I went on line with Customer Service and I had my account number, PW, and security answer, but can't recall my PIN.   I am a 76 yo senior and not especially tech savvy.  Why can't they reset my pin and help me out??  My cell is my only phone.  Pattycakes25

4 replies

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@Pattycakes25 Please reach out to our support team on Facebook or twitter  with the details of your issue for further assistance.

Received a note via Messenger from Cricket FB page.  Said it would take some time before straightened out, but someone is working on it.  Will keep community posted.  Pattycakes25

Cricket contacted me by email to say that it straightened out my account.  I asked to go to the local office for a new SIM card and that was OK'd.  I stopped for gas on my way to Cricket and that was when I found out that my phone was hijacked intentionally -- apparently to obtain my credit card number (which was the payment method on my Cricket account).  Someone posing as me, called my credit card company and said I was on vacation in Virginia (not so) where I lost my card!  Using only my phone number and credit card number, they had a replacement card sent out and charged over $1,000 to my account.  Still waiting for my new credit card.  I don't think it is safe to link your phone to your credit card.  While I am sure Cricket securely vets their employees, these two numbers are so closely linked it seems too easy a barrier to break.  In future, I will auto-pay through Paypal or my Bank and forego the mileage bonus; it's just not worth it.  Also, I had already auto-paid for my monthly service through my credit card, and had to pay again when I got the SIM card.  Hope I can get that month refunded!


i  had  the the  same experience  i  payed  my  phone  bill  to  cricket September 29, 20 20 cricket  charged   me  for  2  payments  when i call  my bank  they said   yes  you  did    pay  them on  the   29 of  September  and  that  payment  went through    and  cricket  over charged  you I  call  cricket  they  claim   that t hey had  no  payment  on  September 29  but    my  statement showed  they  over  charged  me October 1, 2020 my  bank disputed  them   for  the  charges   and  took  my  money  back  on  one  of  the  charges  but    on  October 10, 20 20  awaken  Cricket  had  cut  off  my  phone  i  call  Cricket they  told  me  your  bank  took  that money  back  i  had  all  my  statements  where i  payed  cricket  on the  29 of September 2020 and  a Authorization  number  where    where   it went through for  1 payment September 29 also conformation  text  where it had  been  payed  i  call  the  cricket  hotline  guess  what  it  said  your  phone  has   been  suspended   you now   owe 76 dollars  to  have  your line  restored  so i  go  to  a cricket  store  this lady  looks  on  line  and  said  they  have  you in  the  system  with  2  lines  then   try  and  get  to  a main  store  guess  what  the main  store  has  close   down or moved  Cricket  are  crooks  they   would  not  restore  my  line   that  i  had  payed   for  at  all   and  all  i  can  say   is   what  was  taking  from  me God will  deal  with  every  thief    that money  they  took  my bank  told  me  that i would not  get it back  back  until  October 19    i   was  without  a phone and  cricket  never  did   cut  my  phone back on  with the  money  i  had  payed  the with   on  September 29  everyone  beware cricket  are a  thieves