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  • 3 October 2019
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Who can go a couple of days without their phone? Changed over to Cricket 6 months ago bought a very nice phone still under warranty now it is not working.Cricket wants me to send it back through UPS and go without a phone for 2 days who in today's world can do that not me. It is easier just to change carriers and eat the cost of the new phone which I truly cannot afford to do but it's cheaper than going 2 days without a phone and I refuse to buy another phone from Cricket worst experience ever with a cell company customer service Cricket very poor policy I will be changing back to my old carrier if I cannot get satisfaction from cricket

2 replies

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Hello @Jay. We offer multiple options for warranty exchange. You can review more info here:

I am having the same issue right this minute!!!! For the cost of this phone on top of the insurance i pay monthy...Cricket wants me to take phone to ups then wait for not a NEW phone but REFURBISHED phone?! Are you kidding me …

1. I cannot go 2 or3 days without a phone

2. I should nt have to do any foot work...I bought there warranty product!!!! 

I hope this gwts resolved as im contacting attorney general next with complaints