Phones for everybody (except you)

  • 10 January 2019
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Like some of the other customers that I see on posting here I've been if Cricket customer for 5 years and can't understand why they don't give any attractive or economical phone upgrades to people have been long-time customers but somebody walks off the street can get a brand new phone for free the other companies do the same thing and no I don't need a warranty for my planned obsolescence phone that will give out in a year or two and also pay an excessive connect fee when it happens ,so I'll see you in a year or two when I need a new phone Cricket

5 replies

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Hey there @Giggledick! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We have some great deals on devices for our new and existing customers. That's something for everyone. Feel free to take a look at the deals we are currently offering by following the link below:

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I've been in about 4 cricket locations in the last 60 days. If ANY offers were made available, I would still be a satisfied customer. But hey, no big d, I love the phone my new carrier GAVE me. About the same price, with unlimited. Aloha, giggledick
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Only briefly looked at the link you sent.
And I saw that i could've recieved a small discount on an inflated price for phones that i dont like! Oh well, I only wish I saw that before I switched carriers! Darnit!, giggledick
Yeah I agree they have no real offers for "valued customers". I wanted to upgrade 2 phones it would cost me 50 dollars on top of the higher than new customer price for the phone I wanted. So if I want to upgrade it would cost me 450 dollars. The phone I was looking to replace was the new version of the current LG that I carry. Looking at my options now to see which company actually values dedicated customers.
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I agree, so many companies do this! it is so infuriating. I have been with cricket for years now and now that I want to upgrade I have to pay 549.99 + 25.00, if I was a new number/customer I would pay 274.99 + 25.00 what is the problem here? I see no deals for loyal current customers. I may consider switching carriers since this is really upsetting since phones are so expensive these days.