Phuck this company

  • 27 January 2021
  • 2 replies

Lets face it. Cricket is a budget company with budget phones. Gets u out of a tight spot if ur desperate. But then when its time to upgrade or change ur number, or pretty much anything, its basically a giant fuck u. Here come all the surcharges. Whats more which they dont mention in the stores is u have to have an open account for 6 months with the phone u bought in order to get the lock code. Doesnt matter that u spent $xxx.xx and its YOUR phone. They hold u and it hostage. I pray i never become so desperate again to EVER do business with this company. Phuck Cricket

2 replies


in my option, this a great cjmpany, it is true that there are some inconveniences, but still

All companies make you pay off the phone in full before you can unlock the phone. You are upset but you don’t understand your options. Do some research. I love cricket, they provide good reliable service for a lot less than everyone I know is stupidly paying AT&T and Verizon. 

I buy unlocked phones from Samsung directly. There are payment plans available if you have decent credit. There are older, refurbished phones available.

I suggest you look around and learn about your options so you can appreciate what cricket offers and make the best choices for yourself.

Good luck.