pissed off to the max

  • 27 May 2021
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hello my name is Betty. I have had your services for some time. On May 26, 2021 I was unable to use my phone due to my phone being reported lost or stolen on May 24, 2021. I have NEVER reported my phone lost or stolen. I had been able to use my phone up until after 12pm 5/26. I spoke with "Melannie" and asked to speak to a supervisor, she stated that she had to see if her supervisor "WANTED TO SPEAK WITH ME." I went into one of your locations on Buckingham/Jupiter Rd in Richardson, TX explained the situation to your agents who tried very hard to assist me and they both called the call center for assistance and witnessed the disrespect and displacement pertaining to this situation. I spoke with "Anderson" who gave me a case number C-E4602I, and when I asked for a Supervisor he hung up the phone. The agent from Cricket at the Buckingham/Richardson location called back and we spoke with Josh @ 545. Who of course, hung the phone up..but he tried to act as if the call just dropped. I called back and spoke to "Jeffery" at 611 pm who was PHENOMENAL. I asked to speak with a Supervisor and he passed me over to one by the name of "Richard" at 614pm. I explained the situation to Richard. He asked if he could put me on hold. FIne I said. Then guess what happened..he never got came back to the phone after waiting 14 minutes. I called back at 641 5/26. Spoke to "David." I asked for a supervisor. "David" said the supervisor will be picking up shortly. That was at 643. As of 648pm...supervisor phone was still rining. I hang up AGAIN. CALL BACK AGAIN. Spoke to "Girhan" at 659 pm 5/26 asked for a supervisor. Asked for the correct spelling of his name and he spelled it and hung up. Called back at 711 pm 5/26 and spoke to "Harley". "Harley" transferred me to a supervisor named "Marcus." So i stated explaining EVERYTHING to Marcus thinking that I was getting somewhere and then out of the blue, he cold transfer me to warranty. JUST SENDS ME OVER W/OUT KNOWING. I CALL BACK. I speak with "Iana" at 728 5/26. I ask her for the name of the supervisor that she's connecting me to and she gives me the name "Isaac". "Isaac" never answers. I CALL BACK AT 737PM 5/26 and "Jade" picks up at 743 5/26..I am transferred to a supervisor name "Daniella" at 809 pm and who doesn't pick up and you'll never guess what happened as I waited...you guessed it...THE CALL WAS DISCONNECTED. So guess what I did at 813pm 5/26..I CALLED BACK. i HAD A SERIOUS DR'S APPT TODAY TO SCHEDULE AN UPCOMING SURGERY THAT COULD'VE POSSIBLY BEEN PERFORMED THIS WEEK. But due to this "SITUATION", I missed my appointment because google maps couldn't work on my phone. I still have NO IDEA why my services are on a "BLOCK LIST." This is unexceptable. Your company and employees have failed me. Your employees MUST BE REMINDED THAT THEY REP/ESENT YOUR COMPANY. I will be giving headquarters a call tomorrow. To be honest I AM QUITE FRUSTRATED with the way I have been treated as a customer and for the interruption of my services.

1 reply


❓what happened when you called corporate? Did they help or same issue?