Poor Customer Service with no service at all for 3 days

  • 9 November 2022
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Am I the only one constantly experiencing no service? I have tried calling cricket time and time again but to no avail. I have experienced rude agent after rude agent. I am so confused on why these agents are so upset. If you hate people why are you working with people? I have gone through more nonsense with cricket in a year than I have experienced in a 20 year period with one of (what I thought was the worst phone carriers in the world), Sprint. I will get this rectified today. At this point, with all due respect….. I.  Refuse to stay quiet. I will. Reach out to all of my networks, all of my followers, all. Of my businesses to. Try and. Get this issue resolved.  I. Have. Had no. Service. For 3. Days now.  I see now after trying to reach cricket time and time again that this  company does not care. I am over it  and  I  am going above and beyond to create traction about this nonsense I keep experiencing….


I was  able  to capture one  agents info……every other agent either transferred me without me knowing acting as if they were getting supervisors on the phone ….and yes they transferred me to same queue that had me waiting 2 hours for an agent …..this will no longer continue!


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Hello Tyonna, we are sorry to hear about your experience with your service. PM us @CricketSupport with details of the issue.