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  • 15 December 2021
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Had a problem with my wife’s phone, voice mail was not working correctly and we needed additional storage space. Took phone to local store, there were 3 other customers in the store and 1 clerk, who was trying to service everyone at the same time. I explained my issues and without even looking at the phone, she said the phone was old and could not be fixed and I had to buy a new one, and this one is the one I needed to buy. I asked for a model that was simple to use, but that request went right over her head. Asked if ALL of the photos and messages would be transferred over and was told yes. 


She transferred data, but not all as I was to find out later, she gave me the phone and a bag and said thanks. No intro to phone, I spent 2 hours sitting in the store trying to understand the phone. Had to figure out how to turn it on and off, answer the phone. When I tried to place a call I found the number for the phone was not correct, she had entered my number and not the number of my wife’s line. This should have been verified before she gave me the phone. To top it off they had a shift change and new person came in, the store was still busy and still only one person for a number of customers. I asked about getting the issue fixed and it took sometime to figure out what was done. I finally left the store and came home.


My wife looked at the phone and said this was not good, her stuff was missing, she called the store and asked for the manager only to be told the manager would be in tomorrow, she asked for a call back and the rep hung up on her. I called back and explained who I was and what the issue was, he was on the phone with the person who was in the store earlier and know who I was, he said “that guy with the phone issue is calling” he hung up on me after saying I could bring the phone back today.


When we got our phones the rep in the store spent time with us going over the features and setting up the apps. Now at this store the thought is “you have a phone and know how to work it, see you later”. The voice mail could have been reset and a new chip could have been added, but the easy way out is to sell me a new phone. Really bad service. Totally treated as a person who was a pain to them.


I wonder why I am still using Cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 replies

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 I moved from AT&T to Cricket after 27 years because of crap service, and frankly NO one cared.

 I know Cricket is owned by AT&T, but their service HAS, until recently phenomenal.

 I've recommended Cricket to several friends and business associates but wont anymore...Cricket has fully embraced the crap AT&T customer service model. 

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I have been using Cricket for a few years now.  They do NOT have customer service, Period!  If you ever need customer service you must change carriers.  Of all the Carrier’s T-Mobile has a little bit of service.  And the folks in the stores can “sometimes” be helpful.  Verizon has decent customer service.  But you cannot get there from here with Cricket Wireless.  A while back they over charged me $20 and it was not possible to get help with that.  Their offshore team offered $5 as a fix.  I finally gave up.  I still use them, until I can’t then I will change to someone else.  I moved to them for their coverage in Canada while traveling.  No plans to go there again, so I’m sure they will do something to screw me over again.  The latest problem is my Pepwave Max Transit (high end cellular LTE modem) is now incomparable with Cricket due to some VP’s brain fart last year, but no issues with it on ATT. (which Cricket runs on).