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  • 25 August 2021
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My name is michaeland I have been a long time customer of Criket wireless with multiple lines from y’all (2564868822) I am emailing y’all today because of the treatment I have received over the last few months I have been trying to upgrade my phone and add another line and bring a number over for at least four months now but every time I try I get lied too on the prices every time and promised credit which was not recorded like I was told it would be I am on a fixed income and can’t afford extra charges at the end I pay y’all every mounth my bill is due and have been for at least 2 years maybe more my personal cell phone has no sound at all so I am limited to only tex messages but I pay the premium price which is not y’all’s fault by no means but when you tell a customer a price they should honor what they say now yesterday was the worst treatment I have ever received as a customer to any company much less yall which I have been very loyal too I called yesterday morning around 7 am central time and the lady was huffing and puffy every time I ask her a question I only got half of my order done which was the upgrade iPhone red and she hung up on me and didn’t bother to call back so after that I stayed on hold for at least an hour and she canceled the Italian order so I had to start over I then asked about my credit they had promised a couple of mounth back and they acted like I made it up so I requested a supervisor and she was not listening to anything I had to say but she also turned down y’all’s promise to credit my account so I was then transferred to another employee after another hour wait long story short the only iPhone I could afford was sold out now if the first women won’t have hung up on me I could have gotten the iPhone now I no y’all have other devices but iPhones is how I see my daughter and that is a very big deal to me please contact me back by email because at this point if y’all can’t make this right I don’t want to do business with y’all i appreciate y’all for letting me be a customer for so long but this went to far have a nice day and I apologize for this inconvenience 2564868822 Michael warren email

2 replies

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Cricket here! Thanks for commenting on our Community Forum! We’d love to assist you in getting the best device for you at an affordable price. Please contact Cricket Support on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for additional assistance.  💚

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I don't know what this community thinks it is but it's not helping me I'm helping me getting everything taken care of I don't I tried to talk to somebody that was the CEO of the no words at all something needs to be done ASAP I will notify the Business Bureau of regarding of you manhandling people