Port Out Scam 2020

  • 14 October 2020
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Last year, almost to the day, my husband's and my phone number were ported from our phones and was used to gain access to our bank accounts and loans, as well as our credit cards. It was an absolute nightmare to get the numbers back and regain control of our finances. 

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, it happened again. This time my husband realized what happened right away and called Cricket, but they were of NO HELP. They kept asking him if he was sure that I (his wife) didn't port the number or maybe it was someone else he knew. What the heck is that supposed to solve? No one at Cricket seems to know or care how to protect our accounts! Now whoever took my husband's number is getting a "replacement" credit card of ours and a balance transfer of $8,000 on another card! We haven't even hit 24 hours yet of this mess. 

Cricket is the worst at protecting its customers and even more so at helping them! How is it that easy for a stranger to pull a scam and steal a phone number while being impossible to prove that you, the account holder, DIDN'T AUTHORIZE IT!!

Cricket has the responsibility and the obligation to investigate and do everything they can to help protect their customers who PAY them for their service!!

Phone calls to Customer Service went nowhere and I want answers and solutions.


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Hi @RNM2020, we're very sorry to hear this happened. We want to assure you that your account security is a top priority. It's more than likely that you may be the victim of identity theft originating outside of your Cricket Wireless account. The individual who accessed your Cricket Wireless account had enough information to authenticate your account and make changes. This individual may then have used your phone number in an attempt to gain access to other accounts where you use your phone number for verification. If you haven’t already done so, we advise you to file a police report regarding the suspected identity theft. Meanwhile, please contact our Support Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at so that we can assist you in restoring your Cricket Wireless account access and service.

We continually make improvements to help protect our customers from this type of fraud. To learn more about this type of scam and helpful tips see 

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This happened to me also with no help from Cricket.  How many Cricket customers has this affected?  How long has this been going on?  Is there an investigation on this?  I too believe this is internal.  My information on the Cricket servers was obtained several times after changing it repeatedly.  I would like to hear from other Cricket customers as I am getting nowhere on getting this resolved.


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