Port out scam

  • 21 August 2019
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On 8/19/19 a hacker gained access to my cricket account somehow.  They changed my password then ported my phone number away from my sim card. I do not know how this happened, but i have read that this occurred with other cricket customers. At this point they accessed all my bank accounts and paypal account using text verification and "forgot passwords."  They began to transfer money out using the zelle p2p functionality.  They also tried to gain access to my email account, but failed.  I have had to freeze all online accounts and reset my account numbers.  

They only way I was able to recover my phone number was to purchase a new sim card and then have it ported back in.  When I explained the situation to cricket customer service no one could explain how this could happen to me or understood what i was referring too.  


Again, I have read multiple reports of this happening to other cricket customers.


Order of events. Received text notify change to cricket account.  at this point i was locked out of my account. second text arrived at which point I loss cell signal when number was ported over.  Hacker then accessed paypal account and removed $500.  Hack then tried to enter gmail account. Hacker then entered two bank accounts and removed money via Zelle. This all happened very quickly in less than an hour. 


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29 replies

Would  you be interested in a class action suit? I don't know about you, but its been a major inconvenience to me. I am having accounts compromised because of the verification codes that are being sent to the older number and so on... I am probably not far from full blown identify theft.  jbogner2001 AT yahoo DOT com

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I was actually pretty pleased with Crickets response, I even got my Number back, it was slow, but they did get it fixed, and it hasn't been an issue since.

10 days for me now. Inexcusable that it even happened. 

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'it took a month for me.