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  • 14 October 2019
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So this port out stuff has been going on for me since 9/17/19.  Wake up one morning no service on 1 of the 3 phones we have with Cricket.  Call Cricket immediately when notice this at 8am.  Cricket opens a case for this.  I have called over 10 times, I document it every time.  NOT ONE PERSON AT CRICKET HAS CALLED ME WITH A UPDATE.  I filed a complaint with the FTC.  Whomever stole my number had one of my credit card mailing address changed to their address in my name to out of state where they live.  They are using your PORTED OUT NUMBER TO ACCESS YOUR CREDIT/BANK ACCOUNTS.  So when the credit card company that has your phone number on file sends you a text to make sure it is really you to do these changes, the scammer tells them.  Discover card told me that when they started to ask security questions the call mysteriously drops.   I had to put a fraud alert on all 3 credit card companies.   Cricket I have reached out to you on facebook  and called you every other day.  Sorry, but I am not going away.  Your system had to be breached or someone at your company selling your customers information.   My case as your customer service people keep saying is expedited, now in our legal department, now in the IT department.  SORRY BUT ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS AND WE ARE ALMOST 30 DAYS OUT.  I JUST WANT MY NUMBER BACK THAT CRICKET PORTED OUT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

No, I did not give my Pin information to anyone, No, I did not give my account number to anyone.  Silly, why crickets customer service would accuse me of this.   


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@hs  Hi there, this is Cricket Wireless. I will be sending you a private message to ask for the case number.

I just wanted to follow up.  Thank you Cricket for getting my number back today!  I don’t need to know how or why but thank you so much!

Same exact thing happened to me.  Cricket was no help in getting my number back - had to do it myself.  Took hours of phone calls.  They need to put additional security in place to stop these port thieves.

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Hey Help Me Too !!!!

Transaction details

Transaction ID: 0VH62855DM700704T November 15, 2019 Authorization code: 2SGRWG  Date: November 15, 2019 Transaction amount: $4.00 USD Date: November 15, 2019 Transaction amount: $100.00 USD Date: November 15, 2019 Transaction amount: $100.95 USD Date: November 15, 2019 Transaction amount: $101.59 USD Date: November 15, 2019 Transaction amount: $100.00 USD Date: November 15, 2019 Transaction amount: $101.80 USD Date: November 15, 2019 Transaction amount: $110.00 USD The money will be refunded to your PayPal balance. For more information and to see the status of your case, log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Center.

Paypal told me to Call Cricket, Phone was Ported without my Permission.

Cricket Case ID: The case ID is 1911151386351

Paypal Told me Not to Reopen My account until Cricket has me fixed.


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Does anyone read these?

The VA will NOT give me my Health Records because I cannot use text for two point Authentication. I cannot sign into my Healthy Vet, I cannot log onto Amazon, because no Two point Authentication, PayPal has suspended my account until I get my Phone back and can reactivate two point Authentication I am Not getting messages from my Bank, Face book has deactivated my phone messaging , My Daughter can Not text me to pick her up after her after school activities end, … My Phone Number was ported out WITHOUT my Knowledge, Authorization, or Permission… Please help. The case ID is 1911151386351.

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Try contacting them on Facebook or Twitter. They always refer people to those sites to work cases that cant be simply answered on the forum. 

How do I go reporting this to Cricket? As the same thing happened to me and the bank we allowed it to happen. How in the world are they getting SIM card information if we have all that at home. It has to be somebody in the Cricket organization. They probably keep the SIM information before sending it out and then port it after a while. How else could it happen. I'm so pissed because there is no way to track the messages or calls on the day it happens without getting a lawyer and subpeona.


This happened to me last night and, wow, what a pain.  They used 2-step to get texts to login to my bank and CC.  Had to cancel all that and more.  Spent 5 hours dealing with it last night and an hour in my bank this morning.  I'm not blaming Cricket for this... I blame the jerk who tried to rob me. Thankfully my bank and CC noticed the attempt to tranfer funds was fraudulent right before I called them.  So, I turned to Simple, where the hacker set up his account.  It's in my name, my number.  Simple will do nothing to help me w/out knowing the PIN number (honestly, I get that... but it's in MY name and they still won't do anything).  I'm messaging with Cricket on FB right now in hopes I can get back my number.  Really frustrating.  For anyone reading this who has not dealt with it, make sure you set up your Cricket login information with more than just the PIN number (BTW, what's up with just a four digit PIN anyway?).  

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Follow up as well:

Seems to take about a month to get a number back.

Thank you for getting it back for me.

When they do get it back you will need a new sims card with new CCID number: Keep up with this number, you will need it. They will need it to put the number back on the phone. When it is back on your phone you will need to reactivate your messenger, Update your voice mail, you may want to look at your call log to see if you can nail the person that took it. If it’s an apple you will need to add the number back to your I cloud or apple account to get messages from them.

They got me this weekend with my Wife's phone.  Why can't they find who is doing this?  I guess I watch to many detective shows.  Having to wait over an Hour to talk to cricket on the phone is a joke!

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Took about a Month to get the Number Back, You can get a new number fast if that is not an issue. Change your password, New code on account. Not sure if someone spoofed you Into giving it out, hacked you from wifi, key logger, or if someone had access from cricket, either way you want to stop them from getting other numbers, Watch for Paypal activity, samsung pay, apple pay, ... 

they didn't just want your number,

UPDATE  Today phone quit again.  Went to Cricket store and my sim card is being used by someone else.  So in four days wife's number ported out and two of my sim cards are now being used by someone else.



Could you please advise how you did that yourself ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @CCIssues_PR and welcome to the Community Forum! Please reach out to our Support Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at for immediate assistance if your number has been ported to another carrier without your consent. We're here to help!

changed account name password and pin and in two days they jacked my new sim card.

This is exactly what has happened to me. Shamefull