Porting my Cricket Wireless Number

  • 29 November 2019
  • 5 replies

If I want to port my Cricket Wireless number to another carrier,can I do it while my service is active and after that number is ported,can I change my number in my account so that I can get a new number in my Cricket Wireless account and the ported number is with the another carrier?

5 replies

you are able to port the number at any time  at the moment that you port the number ot the account is gonna get cancel and if you wants to get services agin you have to create a new account and start services as new costumer with brand new simcard as well

But if we want to port a number,can I change my number first in cricket and port the old number to another carrier?

if you change the numebr there is a fee for $15 ,after change the number there is imposible to  get the  same number back , port out or active o a new account with the same number.

To unlock my iPhone 6s,there is still 1 month and 15 days so if I port my number to another carrier and if I create a new cricket account can I still get my iPhone 6s unlocked from cricket?

yes you di=o have that option available