Porting Out Scam Again

  • 27 August 2023
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I have been a long time customer of Cricket Wireless Service.

On 8/24/2023, I got a suspicious message sending the PIN for the account transfer. I contacted customer service right away and reported that I didn't ask for a transfer. Cricket said all is well taken care of and as long as I didn't show my PIN all will be good. I changed my account password for better security.


On 8/25/2023 all of a sudden my phone no longer had LTE service. I checked the account with suspicion and found that my number was deleted(I was the main account holder for 3 lines shared with family).


Then when I checked the emails I was getting emails accessing my Wells Fargo Bank account and starting to wire transfer $2500 and moving $2200 from the brokerage investment into the checking account. They were also trying to access my Amex account. Ironically, the financial institutions were asking for the secure code that will be sent to my previous number.


I didn't have the mobile service any more and all my family was at work or out of the state. I urgently made a new phone account with other carrier to take care of this scary situation. Meanwhile, this scammer even cashed out from my investment account linked with the bank account.


In panic, I contacted the Cricket representative to completely delete my account in despair to protect my other family’s safety.


Then, today I found that my previous number is ported to Tmobile. I am very worried that the scammer will do more things with my previous number. Please contact Tmobile soon as possible to suspend my previous number.






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