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  • 14 July 2023
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Three lines on my account were illegally ported a week ago to another carrier. I was told I wojld hear something within 3-5 business days. Times up! I called back today and after being on hold for 15 min then hung up on immediately and calling back and waiting AGAIN I was told it is still being investingated and I should hear something by Tuesday. Meanwhile my daughter was out of state when this happened and had to pay over $60 to get a new line. Cricket refuses to help with this even though it’s Crickets system that has been hacked. I also had to pay for a new line and my boyfriend has had no phone for a week now. I asked if the fees could be waived for another line so he could have a phone while we wait and was given a $10 credit? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! I have been a Cricket customer for over six years and you refuse to make this right. I need my numbers back. My daughter is now locked out of her school account and I’ve had several other accounts that have been accessed due to your lack of security and you make me pay to have service I’ve already paid for. This is not new- it apparently keeps happening because I’ve read through cases exactly like mine and every time cricket blames their customers. You guys know you have a problem. Own up to it at least!


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Hello @stephkissman! We are sorry to hear this. Please send us a PM @CricketSupport with the phone number, name on the account and details of the issue.