Possible SMS Hijacking? Communications Hijack Attack

  • 25 May 2021
  • 2 replies

I just got this message from okeymonitoring. It noticed a change in sms routing. I'm also experiencing issues receiving texts. Cricket support is closed. Any idea what I can do?

OkeyMonitoring was something I signed up for a while back and just forgot about it. It informs you when someone is possibly trying to intercept your texts. What worries me now is that I'm only receiving texts intermittently. I'm really hoping this is some sort of glitch and someone isn't trying to access my accounts using 2FA. I don't want to login to change this if my texts are really being intercepted. I'm asking my family to send texts and I'm only getting maybe 1/4 of them?


2 replies

this exact thing happened to me. got the message early in the morning. the people at cricket have not helped. ive talked to 2 people and they dont seem to understand what my problem is.

Are you sure okeymonitoring isn't actually the villain?  

Are they a scam? 

Is their data being breached?