Problems ordering on-line

The system is telling me my billing and shipping address are different but they aren't. Why is it doing this in the stores they don't have the same deals please fix this.

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Hi @AliCeci1318 We apologize for the inconvenience, we would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for assistance.

I have exactly the same issue! I tried 3 different credit cards and called the bank. The bank already authorized the charges but the order can't go through. I got tons of pending charges from Cricket Wireless. The support promised me that the money will not be charged. If that is not true, I have to open credit card dispute. What a pain!

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Hi @angiejin, and thank you for posting on the Community Forum! Authorization holds typically fall off on their own within 24-72 hrs. If for some reason your account is charged, please contact our Support Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at for assistance. 


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Shipping / credit card address miss-match.

Cannot cure. Shipping and billing address will not separate. Most on-ling processing allow for separate addresses shipping and billing.

I cannot alter credit card billing address - P.O. box # [requires phone call - I lost my phone]

Order processing refuses to accept any p o box numer

This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen. I'm trying to add my daughter to my plan, but she is off to college. I need to ship the phone to her, but the billing address is my home address. It doesn't make sense that they can't separate these address fields. 


The main problem is the use of bad software for mass mailing letters. My daughter is in college and they use internal resources and databases for communication. I know there are educational resources  that require external authentication.



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Hey, I understand the situation you’re in. I have come through a similar problem while I was ordering for assignment services online. I then contacted their customer support and reported the problem. Only in a time period of 36 hours, my problem was resolved. I believe and suggest you do the same.

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Similar to others, I’m also facing problems while making payments. My payment was held back and I have tried more than 2 options. No matter what the option, my payment is not being accepted. It’s creating so much fuss. I’m instantly in need of a phone because I have to receive my order from I currently don’t have a device and the one im writing from is borrowed. My deadline is around the corner and they’ll be sending my dissertation before the time. I have chosen the plan therefore I want somebody to look into this matter and get my phone delivered instantly.


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Does anyone here knows how long does it take for the to return a request with all the tasks updated. I have less time than I thought. Now I have three weeks only and I want someone to help me as soon as possible. So that I can read the report completely before submitting it.


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I remember, once I also had this kind of problem when I was ordering something on Amazon. I did not know why it is happening. I ordered again and again, but it was displaying the same thing. So, I cancelled my order because I was not able to give much time as I also had to discuss with about my class. I ordered it the next day, and you know, it was automatically rectified.