Random ads pop up even when not using the phone.

  • 6 November 2018
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I set my phone down a lot, but when i go to pick it back up, there seems to always be some sort of advert on the screen. Now, ive checked and stopped all events running in the background, yet the phone still does it. Kind of annoying, and puts strain on battery life, especially when youre working and cannot manage your cellular phone 24/7, as the screen lights up when these ads pop up, and it wont turn off unless you dismiss the ad.
Why is this? I pay you guys for service, i pay for my cell phone, yet, you guys still find it necessary to run ads? Like, just now, whule typing this post, an ad popped up for "Wish" i dont need Wish, i dont like the app, but itll keep on doing it over and over again. Its relentless and annoying. Its making me very dissatisfied with your company.

42 replies

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@SladeWilson0193 Thanks for writing on our community forum! I left a private message with a link on how to remove these adds. Please message us back if you need any additional help.

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Thanks, but see, that would help, if any of the apps i had on my phone were malicious. I used to be with MetroPCS, and on my phone with them, i had a few dozen apps installled, no issues, i switched to cricket just Saturday, did a file transfer for my apps and login data, and its been popping up ads ever since day one. I dont even have to be playing with my phone and itll do it. Screen can be asleep, with nothing running, and all of a sudden, itll light up playing an advert for some app in the play store.
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The best option would be to download an app that will help you scan the device for any additional malware that could be pushing these adds to the device. 

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Did that too, and lo and behold, still getting ads.
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@SladeWilson0193 Try this link, I think it may be the settings in the Google Chrome browser that could be pushing the adds.


I have the same issue and have ran a couple malware programs and they find nothing and I have closed all programs also went into my app notification settings and shut them all off also and still have the issue ads pop up on my screen not my Internet or game just on my phone screen and i also see my grandma daughters phone is doing the same thing and its very annoying since i can't seem to find any answer on how to stop the dam ad pop ups 😡

it took alot of researching, downloading apps, opting out and google and you tubing, but I finally got to hopefully the core of the problem.  LIVERAMP.  yep...no matter how many times i opted out this company still had free rein on my phone.  But guess what...if you go to liveramp.com/opt_out/ you can actually opt out.  you will need your AD ID and your Device ID to opt out (another fun and time consuming ordeal, but worth every minute!)  These are located under Settings..Google services...Ads...Your advertising ID, and Settings...about phone....Status...IMEI.  :)  Good luck!


I'm disgusted with these ads also please tell me how to get rid of them also thank you
Were you ever able to stop the pop up ads? I've been having the same issue and it's becoming extremely annoying!

Kill the pop ups!


Go to:

”liver amp.com/opt_out/“ 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the “Permenantly Opt Out” button

Check the “i am not a robot” box in the captcha box.

Then enter your GMAIL e-mail address that is on your phone. BINGO! Pop ups are dead.

A lot easier than searching for ad Id’s and device Id’s. Thank you to the poster who pointed me to Live Ramp.

OK, I did that. Waiting to see if it works! Thanks.
Easy fix just delete the apps that came on phone! I have had 2 cricket phones both did it. And both were lg fortunes 1 and 2. I think its mostly the wish app and weather one on mine, but i got rid of all the ones i didnt want or need.
Real simple fix delete the pre installed apps from the phone! Make sure to clear them from trash also. I have had 2 lg fortunes the 1 and 2. And both did this im pretty sure it is the wish app , tik tok, and the weather one. But i got rid all apps that i could never had anotg issue after that! I figure they have a deal with these company and make a few cents per add clicked on.
Im having the same issue. Switched to cricket recently and if i had known i was paying for nonstop ads, i would have kept shopping. Please let me know how to fix this also, as i will be shopping again if this is what is expected.
I need same thing with ads all the time popping up how I stop it

    I'm having all these problems and them some! My wife decided to add the flashlight to our smart phones while we were driving down the road! Later that day, we both started getting pop-up ads, one after another, very annoying. One is Score Card! I can't answer my phone and neither can I dial a phone number without one or two, primarily Score Card, popping up, causing me to miss calls and taking 2-3 minutes to clear, so I can call or return a call on my phone!! This is my privacy, my phone, and my service dollar!!! I need it stopped now!! Sincerely, Lynn

I'm new to cricket not even a month and I am having the same issue with popups and also random marketing calls so i have to wonder has my information been sold for this to be happening. I still have the same phone number i had with another phone carrier and wasn't having this type of issue before i switched. Phone could be charging, i could be on a call or the phone just sitting down and ads would just start playing and there's nothing you can do til it stops. This is very annoying and if it doesn't stop I'm dropping this service that's how annoying it is. I haven't downloaded any apps, the phone came with a bunch of apps already downloaded on the phone i unstalled them and the popups are still happening from those apps. ANNOYING!!!! ANYWAY TO STOP IT, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW PLEASE!!!

My Cricket phone is less than 1 week old and i get ads all the time.. when texting, making phone calls ect.   Is this a thing with Cricket? is this the reason its so cheap/affordable?

I have the same issue and its making me mad. I didn't request this nor do i want unwanted ads popping up on my phone that I pay for l.
Why send a PRIVATE link when MILLIONS of customers are having the SAME ISSUE?? I need the link as well. I have the 4 for 100$ deal. I purchased one phone and the other 3 lines where free phones. ALL THREE of the "FREE" PHONES ARE GLITCHY!! PLEASE HELP
Why send a PRIVATE link when MILLIONS of customers are having the SAME ISSUE?? I need the link as well. I have the 4 for 100$ deal. I purchased one phone and the other 3 lines where free phones. ALL THREE of the "FREE" PHONES ARE GLITCHY!! PLEASE HELP
I have been with straight talk, total wireless,metro pcs and never once with any other cell company have I had this issue. I have a 5 line plan with 5 identical phones and only one has this issue.
I am having the same issue with pop up adds!! I have NEVER had this problem with any other phones! I had metro pcs prior and NEVER had this problem! They are popping up as I am trying to write this!!! I wish I had never switched!

I must be a little slow because I can't figure out how to start a new post...but I followed the guys advice and went to the OPT out thing...FOUND my ad number (ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUSLY LONG NUMBER) and put it in, maybe this will work maybe not...but I just paid my bill TODAY and will NOT be paying the next one, I will take GREAT PRIDE in SMASHING the phone I have on the pavement when I get my new phone and plan in 3 weeks...thanks a lot for nothing Cricket...nice commercials though...

When daily pedometer app updates, it is virus app. The original version is not, however the app developers decided to hijack your lockscreen and install myriad apps without permission. REMOVE DAILY PEDOMETER. it also hides its own Icon in the drag up menu of your apps. Remove it from app manager. (Former app dev here). I had this EXACT PROBLEM ON THREE BRAND NEW UPDATED PHONES FRESH OUT OF THE BOX. After a day, I figured it out. Please also report daily pedometer to the Google play store so it is removed for violating policy. This app is shipped standard with your phone.