Random ads pop up even when not using the phone.

  • 6 November 2018
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I set my phone down a lot, but when i go to pick it back up, there seems to always be some sort of advert on the screen. Now, ive checked and stopped all events running in the background, yet the phone still does it. Kind of annoying, and puts strain on battery life, especially when youre working and cannot manage your cellular phone 24/7, as the screen lights up when these ads pop up, and it wont turn off unless you dismiss the ad.
Why is this? I pay you guys for service, i pay for my cell phone, yet, you guys still find it necessary to run ads? Like, just now, whule typing this post, an ad popped up for "Wish" i dont need Wish, i dont like the app, but itll keep on doing it over and over again. Its relentless and annoying. Its making me very dissatisfied with your company.

42 replies

Yeah, It started on my phone last week. It is pissing me off for all the same reasons the op stated. Make them stop or I will just leave you.


Why did you make it a private message? There are more than just him dealing with this prob. Make it public so we can all get rid of this trash.

In order to remove ads on cricket phones you need to root your phone. After some investigation by myself and others the ads originate from crickets own preinstalled apps and they refuse to acknowledge it and you cannot remove them, sp in other words you wont find a solution here. There are a few lawsuits in the works revolving around this issue. These apps wil not show as malicious on any scanner since they are carrier apps. Either avoid cricket, root if possible, or use an unlocked phone.
BUT if you have the apps yanked from the app store by reporting them, this will ensure new users cannot get malicious updates on their phones and they can be uninstalled. See my post above. APP SETTINGS > DAILY PEDOMETER > DISABLE/UNINSTALL. It gets auto installed if you click the round clock widget.
We are experienced the same problem with are cricket phones can you please tell me how to get these random ads to stop
Did the ads stop?
Did they resolve your issue? I’m having the same problem. So annoying!!
How do you root your phone?
I already have this set up to block and I'm still receiving the adds.
I've tried everything suggested here and nothing is working. I am ready ti switch carriers and I haven't had my phone for a month. Could I olease receive the link that was given ti the original poster? Why only give it to one person?

ou have to removember the application that you installed before those pop ups satered  that is gonna be the only way that you will resolve this problmes or doing factory reset

Thr adds started before I installed smy apps.

there is not posible always  one app is the one who make this type of problems, but if you dont remenber the name for that app  your are able to do factory reset

   Watch the Youtube video, "Snowden: Democracy under surveillance... He can explain how our phones are constantly, "pinging" giving, recieving, exchanging your information with other entities, even when you turn your device off... We as the people have to fight to change the consumer laws for greater protection of privacy...

I have the same problem i tried everything with not luck.i hate this phone i will never buy another im ready to throw it in the trash

I have all the same issues you have I HATE THIS PHONE I cant find anyone with the solution of all those pop ups. Ive read that its programmed from the manufacture and I believe its true. The worst phone I have ever had. Im ready to throw this phone in the garbage where it belongs.

So, you sent a link with instructions on how to remove these f-ing ads in a private message? Why can't you share the link with the rest of us who are having the same issue with the pop-up ads?