refunds upon death of owner

  • 2 November 2019
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My brother had an account with Cricket but he recently passed away.  I called to see about getting a refund as they had only debited his account 2 days prior.  They allowed me to change his pass-code and pin, but their company policy does not allow refunds. Obviously, its not the amount of the charge, but the policy of not returning any unused portion of his fee. Perhaps they need that money to stave off bankruptcy.  It's hard enough trying to deal with business after my brother's death, but now I'm just disgusted with having to deal with them.

So buyer beware about the fine print.

1 reply

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@herschel We're very sorry to hear this and we would like to take a closer look. Please reach out to our support teams via social media at or dm us on twitter @cricketsupport