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I sat and waiting for an agent to talk to me for about 10-15 minutes when your agent April K joined me.  She said she was going to look at my account to fully review my request.  I hadn’t told her anything about my problem so I asked her how does she know what I requested if I haven’t told her yet. She responded with I need your phone number.  I gave her my phone number, and then told her what my problem was.  I waited like 10 minutes with no response when I got sent to wait for another agent. She didn’t say anything to me, just left.  Then I got to wait for another agent for about 30 minutes after that.  Needless to say, I’m already pretty upset with what’s going on.  I got my phone on MONDAY, and for some reason it’s now Thursday and no one can figure out how to activate my phone, yet I’ve already paid for it.  SO that’s fun. 

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