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  • 29 July 2019
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Wow I used to rave about cricket wireless but now they have really let me down. They manage to lose both mine and my husbands phone numbers and have no way of fixing their mistake. I’ve spent hours othe phone with these people and their attitude is that their hands are tied and offer no resolution or explanation of what happened. These are our business numbers so this is a huge inconvenience. Not one apology from anyone but instead they try to make it sound like it is our fault somehow. We make our auto payments every month and are loyal customers. Please do your job and help people!

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Actually, something similar recently happened to me too. I am not sure what the connection might be but my identity was stolen at around the same time Cricket Wireless claims to be upgrading their cell towers in my area (which I was not told about.) No money transfers but there was a new hard inquiry on my TransUnion report and my credit cards were bring shipped to an alternate address.

Well, I still have no cell service (despite promises I'd have it today), but thank goodness I can still use Google Voice to try to get my finances in order. On the phone with Cricket, they were trying to convince me that I might have given permission to my husband or children to reroute my phone. lol. No sir, I have none of the above.

Link to issue.


Please share this post to all your social media, awareness is power!! As I told the cricket support agent this is all on there side and they should take this serious!!! my name and pin number was used to steel the number. Cricket tells me I must of given that info out, clearly that was not the case i am the sole person that knows the I do this for a living.

I am reaching out to anyone else with the same issue please post when did this happen to you.

Next will be NEWS Agencies when I get enough people.. around 11:30 am Sunday 7/28/19 it started.

The same exact this happen to my account this past Sunday, I caught it fast enough they were able to steal 1 line out of 5. Cricketwirless is claiming they did nothing wrong and is trying to take no responsibility!! There network has been compromised!!! Also has no offered solution plus has screws up my account billing.. the stolen number was moved to TMobile, I called there fraud department to advise them and ask them what name is on the account with the number stolen, Rep's reply there is no account...but the number is active on TMobile...Free calls until it get shut down, there also started and investigation. With all info in hand Cricket has done nothing for me at this point still waiting...there IT says nothing is wrong on there side.. Thank you for posting this!


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Hello @Diana ,

We're sorry to hear about the issues you're having. Please reach out to our support teams via Facebook ( or twitter (@Cricketsupport) with your info and the details for assistance.