Sim card installed but not working

  • 6 August 2018
  • 4 replies

I called customer service through wifi calling because randomly my service turned off says my card has no connection they set up a ticket for my phone but now I can't wifi call and it's telling me to contact cricket and I litteraly bought this phone two days ago with no issues. Help?

4 replies

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Hello, we are sorry this is happening.  Please send us a private message on our Facebook page or a DM on our twitter page so we can further assist. 

My WiFi calling feature wouldn't work.  After many hours on the phone with many different techs and supervisors, I finally got them to create a ticket and escalate it.  Come to find out it was an issue on their network side and the got my WiFi calling to work.

There are some stipulations, your phone must be a cricket branded phone from this list...

Hi, I had this same problem. The alcatel quickflip Quick start says that the SIM card goes on the right side, when in fact the SIM card goes on the Left. I had the SIM card in the Micro SD slot by mistake. When I moved it to the correct side (Left), the SIM card activated. CRICKET, PLEASE MAKE A CHANGE IN THOSE INSTRUCTIONS< thanks! 


Hi I’m having a similar problem with my iPhone XR all of a sudden I had no network connection so I can not receive messages or calls as well as make calls or send messages because it says sim not installed so I did every troubleshooting to my device then went to a cricket Wireless retail store and purchased a new SIM card for my device and installed the new sim and I still have no service and I’m still getting the no SIM card installed error