Sim Swap Fraud- Refusal to Help

  • 26 May 2023
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On Monday May 22nd my phone network went down at 1132am. I am the primary acct holder and have 3 other lines besides mine. All 4 lines lost network connection. I am a delivery driver and was using my maps when it happened. So I went to a McDs for the WiFi to see if maybe there was a down tower or something. As soon as I hooked up to WiFi I started getting all these notifications from my email that someone tried to access my Amazon, Google and Bank accounts. Then one from Venmo telling me my acct password was changed. Then 2 from affirm about the loan request I wanted. Then a couple from Paypal showing payments (this is how they accessed my bank acct). So I immediately run to my bank and they shut my card down but another charge had already come thru. So I'm out over $400 at this point. 

Next I go to my local cricket store, where over 3 days I spent 8 hours. The manager was as helpful as possible but she could only do so much. We determined what happened is that someone called in to do a sim swap for a new device . They said that they used my pin, and acted as me. Once they got my number they went into my cricket account and changed the name, address, pin and security question and answer. They also cancelled my other 3 lines. I ended up making a police report inorder for Cricket to open a case to investigate. It took 4 hours and 2 visits to get MY account Authenticated to me, the account owner. We switched back all my info to me except the pin, which I still don't understand because that's how they accessed my account. Also all the needed to do all this is my pin number.... But I go into the store and have to show my ID, tell them my pin and security question, that's messed up. At this point a case had been made by Tuesday afternoon. They told me to give them at least 3 days. Well afternoon reading posts on here I'm not hopeful with that. Meanwhile my number is still being used by this hacker for God knows what. 


They refused to cancel or suspend my number, they won't sim swap it back to me, unless I pay reactivation for each line plus service for the month... Um what?!?! I've already paid for my service I'm not double paying and I'm not paying reactivation fees. 

My next option was to pay for next months service and they would waive the activation and sim cards but we had to get all new numbers. This is also an unacceptable option. I have 5 peoples medical doctors linked to my number, 2 of these being special needs kids and 1 special needs adult. I'm not willing to change all the details that go with that if I changed my number, especially when cricket can and should fix these. 

3rd option is to let Cricket investigate and hope for the best, which doesn't seem very hopeful. 


Its been extremely frustrating to have lost 4 lines in our household, but it's interfering with work and caring for my kids. Enough is enough. Cricket should have more security for phone calls, especially since this has been issues for the last 3 or so years. 


I want all 4 of my numbers back, or I will seek out legal counsel in the next few days. I should not have to reach out via Twitter which I don't have nor on FB messenger. I have been a loyal customer for at least 8 years. 


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Hi @jaxgirl1982 we thank you for reaching out to Cricket Forum! We are sorry to hear of this and would be glad to take a closer look into this for you. May you Private Message us @CricketSupport the name and wireless numbers associated with your account.