SIM Swap port issue - No resolution in a week


Last Wednesday I noticed service interruption on my phone and contacted Cricket immediately.

They opened a case and no resolution so far and I am spending sleepless nights.

All the info they gave is my number is ported out without my permission to some scammers.

Not sure how someone else could do that on my behalf though I have account pin/security question setup. The funny thing is when there were initial service interruption, called support to see what's going on, they made me reset my PIN saying the old one was not working. The next day again when service completely gone, called them again to see what's going on, they had to reset my PIN since the one reset past day was not working again.

Only the way to contact Cricket is Customer support number or Chat. There is no special option for fraud prevention or security issues troubleshooting. Every day I call multiple times and they say it will be resolved in 24 to 48 hours, so just "wait wait wait". One day I was able to talk to a supervisor and he assured it will be resolved on Monday, It is Wednesday now, no call or no resolution.

Already seen some unauthorized bank transactions and credit card purchases and had to freeze accounts. Mobile carrier policies indirectly allowing bad user using phone number for longer time to get OTP and all, and making the loyal customers wait for weeks to port back the number. Shouldn't this be their primary concern protecting and retaining the customers.

Understand there is COVID pandemic and there could be delay, but one week is too much time to resolve such issues. I am trying to post this here if anyone has similar situation and how it got resolved.




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@CCIssues_PR, please reach out to our Support Team via DM/PM on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at for immediate assistance. We're here to help!

Thanks for your support. After 9 days, I was able to got my number/service ported back.