So done with cricket but before I leave.....

  • 18 September 2019
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Dear cricket people,

your attitude and CS sucks. You guys never help. No resolutions becasue it is so-called out of their hands (always)are tied and (always) or explanation of what happens.  I am mad that I had to kick out more money to keep my phone numbers to keep just to port to my new company. You guys are like a broken record. And you save me no money. Considering all the asprins I needed to take from all the headaches you have given me.

You offer no perks to your existing customers.  -_- 


Why is there never any specials to us?  Why 25 dollars to upgrade?? never heard anything like that before. Please save that grabbing customer for you. That NOT my job to advertise.  I just want to use my phones in one peace. 


Trade-in phone value is crap. And no I will recycle my phone myself as we all know that you guys reuse these part to rebuild other phones etc. another way to get over people Im sure.


So no I will not recommend you guys to anyone. No, I do not want to reach out to facebook or "twitter" to get problems heard or solve. Considering your hands are always flipping tied _-_ 

When did a phone call between business and thier customers become so "sociable media news"





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