Someone Mistakenly Tried to Port My Number Into Cricket, How Can I Get Them to Cancel The Pending Port Request?

  • 10 June 2022
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I am a Ting Mobile customer on the Sprint Network. According to Sprint customer support, someone on May 2nd tried to port my number into Cricket Wireless. I did not authorize this, and I was completely unaware of this. I suspect that a person tried to port some other number into Cricket Wireless, but made a typo while entering the phone number.


Now, I am unable to change from a Sprint SIM card to a T-Mobile SIM card, because there is a “pending port already in progress.” According to Ting customer support, they are unable to cancel the port request. They say that it must be cancelled by Cricket. However, when I call into Cricket, they tell me that I am unable to cancel the port request because I cannot provide the authorization of the account that requested it. I don’t have an account with Cricket, and I have no idea who tried to port my number into Cricket, so I can’t give any authorization info. But, I’m the one who owns the number, and I am able to call in to customer support using the number.


Does anyone know what I can say to customer support to get them to cancel this? Does anyone know how long I will have to wait for the pending port to automatically expire? Whoever did this entered the incorrect account number and port-out pin into the port request, so it is never going to complete, but Cricket is still not telling me when it will automatically expire. One customer service person even told me that it will not ever expire unless the person who requested the port in to Cricket calls in to cancel it.


Could there also be a fraud prevention line that I can call into? I did not authorize this, and it has resulted in the inability for me to change the SIM card until it expires.


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Hi @samfoucart! Thanks for reaching out to us on our Cricket Community Forum. We are sorry to hear about the recent inconvenience that this has caused. Our Support team is happy to look further into this to see how we can help you. For further assistance, be sure to DM us @CricketSupport with your phone number 👍