Spam group text and phone calls

  • 23 December 2019
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My whole family has cricket wireless and we are all getting group text messages that are porn spam and they are coming from a gmail address as well as phone calls from out of state with someone speaking in japanese or some foriegn language and my number is registered on the do not call list. Why doesn't cricket have any way to block or report the group spam texts?

8 replies

I tried the Hiya app and it says specifically that it does NOT block text messages. I am getting the same texts as Chrispy and I am going crazy. I also do not have unlimited call and text so I worry about those charges as well. Cricket has to do Better. 

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I'm getting those too!!! Get your sh*t together cricket or face a lawsuit you nasty a**wipes!!
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Hello @Chrispy1981. We're sorry this is happening. You can use the Hiya app to help with unwanted calls and messages. Also, you can report spam here:


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I've been and still keep hetting those,cricket does not care about their customers, best they get served a lawsuit so they get their crap together

Getting these as well.  Whole family... only started after switching to Cricket from AT&T a couple of weeks ago.  Also getting unclaimed package spam texts.

I'm getting the same thing with tons of text, calls and hang up calls. It's so bad I have to keep my phone on silent. Really really frustrated with this. It may make me choose another provider.

I have AT&T and have been getting this crap every day multiple times a day. I’ll block everyone on the text list but doesn’t help. 


I have recently started receiving the same types of text messages. They are group text messages from a Gmail account with a long list of telephone numbers that  spam has been sent to in addition to my telephone number. Of course it comes from a porn site. I am having absolutely no luck after hours and hours of research into finding a way to block these spam email messages. The best advice I have seen is to go to your settings on your >>provider's<<< website to block website domains in your account settings, but Cricket does not have that function. 

I'd love to find a solution for this issue.