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  • 18 July 2019
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I just don't understand why CRICKET doesn't AUTOMATICALLY block spam text messages with NO Number Attached......... I am so tired of getting Spam messages that I can't block.
Also, why does Cricket send block numbers to VOICEMAIL??? And why doesn't Cricket start AUTOMATICALLY block all spam numbers?

4 replies

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@lwnc1959 I think it's coming soon. AT&T just announced that they are going to start blocking spam calls, so Cricket most likely will too at some point. There is a website you can report them too. 
I reported one SPAM text message, and I got a message that read: Due to the high volume of SPAM reporting we might not be able to take care of your report. How terrible is this behavior from Cricket? 
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exactly lmao,they tell you to download a useless app,all while saying "We CaRe AbOuT pRoTeCtIoN" yeah right,while spam texts have INCREASED,even after trying those stupid fake apps they suggest,they need to be slapped with a lawsuit,then maybe their dumb a**es will learn
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they don't care about customers lmao,I remember my fiance signing me up with cricket,and was going to choose one of those phones you supposedly get for joining,nope! The stupid a** general manager said WHILE on speaker phone,do not honor the deal,or it will be coming out of your (the employees) paycheck" What kind of customer service does cricket serve? None whatsoever